OnLive Gaming coming to iPad soon

OnLive game system

The OnLive® Game Service is a groundbreaking on-demand video game platform capable of delivering the latest and most advanced games instantly over a broadband connection. You can play on your TV via the OnLive Game System or on virtually any PC or Mac® via a small browser download. The OnLive Game Service creates an entirely new way to play, watch, share and demo premium games from the world’s leading publishers.

OnLive is different from any other game platform, and it uses technology in a dramatically different way. Instead of elying on you having the latest hardware, all the cpu-intensive work is done on OnLive’s servers and you just need a basic hardware configuration and a decent broadband connection.

OnLive game system app for iPad arrives

OnLive has now released an iPad app called OnLive Viewer — but it doesn’t yet play games. A full iPad app from OnLive will certainly be popular with those folk who have bought an iPad for playing games on, especially as it would allow you to control and play any PC game (from the catalogue available on OnLive – growing all the time) directly on your iPad.

What the app does support is OnLive’s social networking features, so you can make and contact your friends on the service from the app, and see what they’re up to while online. You can also watch “Brag Clips,” which are uploaded videos of other people’s gameplay, and you can even stream straight from certain live games on the service.

The OnLive approach is certainly innovative and having looked around their site and downloaded the Mac application (on My MacBook Pro laptop) the action certainly seems to be smooth. I will definitely try the free play mode (you get 30 mins play for free) and report back how it goes. In the meantime, why not check it out for yourself. Whether it can compete with Steam is another matter.

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Could the Apple iTV be getting Apps soon?

Rear connectors including power, USB for firmw...
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Rumours sloshing around the net are that Apple will soon bring Apps to an updated iTV. It’s been a while since the iTV was last updated and Apple sees it as a ‘hobby’ according to  Steve Jobs. According to Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg, sources within Apple have told him. Let’s hope that if this is indeed the case that Apple doesn’t come down too heavy on the source of the leak. Apple does have something of a reputation as regards these matters.

Rose isn’t alone in thinking that Apple is about to update the iTV. Engadget also claim that ‘trusted’ sources told them a new iTV was on its way soon. However, the rumours also seem to confirm the view that it won’t have full 1080p HD capability, only 720p. Personally, when 1080p is becoming ‘de rigueur’ it seems a mistake on Apple’s part to not add this to the feature list of the iTV. Of course, Apps will be  popular feature and certainly games should prove an attractive feature to would-be purchasers, especially parent so young children as the device could prove to be an alternative to an XBox 360 or a PS3 and even a Wii.

Whether, as some predict, the new iTV will ‘kill’ TV as we know it is another matter. Personally I can’t see it myself. What is certain is that we will increasingly see a move to Apps across the Apple platform and I will stick my neck out and say that we will see Apps replacing the Dashboard widgets in the not too distant future.

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Apple TV now available at a bargain price!

Apple TV top and front
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Te Apple TV is now officially “on sale” – yet yours now for a mere for £219.  Surprisingly to some, Apple is still making its TV streaming device. Today Apple revealed a price cut for its Apple TV media buyer/player appliance, making it “more affordable” – by taking the RRP down to a decent £219, and that’s including delivery from the Apple Store.

The Apple TV  media box lets you buy TV programs via iTunes and includes support for 802.11n wi-fi for streaming “content” direct to your HDTV from your PC or Mac. The standard  model now features a 160GB hard drive for storing your media on, handy for when  you want to use your Apple TV for 1080p media playback.  Still no news of a new portable Apple ‘tablet’ device…

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Apple introduces new iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle

The first music player that talks to you!

Small gets smaller icon

Small gets smaller.

The new iPod shuffle is amazingly small and even easier to use. The controls are now conveniently located on the earbud cord. It’s so easy, you can use it with your eyes closed.

1000 songs icon

VoiceOver. It speaks for itself.

With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you what song is playing and who’s performing it. It tells you the names of your playlists, too.

iPod shuffle

1000 songs. Multiple playlists.

With 4GB of storage, iPod shuffle can now hold up to 1,000 songs. So your music library can go with you. And you can now sync multiple playlists for the perfect mix for any mood.

Prices: Two colours available (White and Grey), with 4GB storage 1000 songs) for £59.00. Free laser engraving available at time of ordering.

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15th Anniversary Holiday Bundle | Ambrosia Software, Inc.

15th Anniversary Holiday Bundle | Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Ambrosia Software have released their 15th Anniversary holiday Bundle of games for the mac. You get $123 worth of games for the measly price of $19! Games included:

  1. Aki Mahjong Solitaire
  2. Apeiron X
  3. Bubble Trouble X
  4. Darwinia
  5. Redline
  6. Sketchfighter

requires Max OS X (10.3.9 or later). Check it out now!

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iPod Shuffle updated

iPod shuffle

Apple has updated the iPod Shuffle range. Not quite as many colours as the Nano but still looking pretty cool. The 1GB version holds 240 songs, and is available now for £32. The 2GB version holds 500 songs and costs £45, so is a better deal (13.3 p/per song for the 1GB, compared to 9p/per song for the 3GB).

Instant attachment.
Wear up to 500 songs on your sleeve. Or your belt. Or your gym shorts. iPod shuffle is a badge of musical devotion. Now in new, more brilliant colours.

Feed your iPod shuffle.
iTunes is your entertainment superstore. It’s your ultra-organised music collection and jukebox. And it’s how you load up your iPod shuffle in one click.

Beauty and the beat.
Intensely colourful anodised aluminium complements the simple design of iPod shuffle. Now in blue, green, pink, red and original silver.

Fr more info or to purchase visit Apple’s store here

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iTunes 7.7 released

Apple has updated iTunes to 7.7. This latest version is required for the new iPhone, the App Store and for MobileMe (Apple’s replacement for its .Mac service).


This incorporation of applications in the menu (see image above) is the most obvious change visually. The download is available via Apple’s Software Update and comes in at 47.9MB. As always, the download is free and is available for both Mac and PC users.


The App Store
The App Store is perhaps the most ground-breaking feature and potentially the one that will have the biggest impact on Apple’s revenues and the popularity of the iPhone. Essentially, it will allow you download applications, including games, to your iPhone, iTouch and iPod.

Already there are plenty of applications and games in the pipeline, to add to those already available on the App Store. Categories range from business to games, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking applications. Get ready of integration tools for Facebook, Bebo and the like. Shame that the camera in the new iPhone is only 2MP, but it will be sufficient for most users of Facebook etc.

Its thought that many applications will be free. For those that aren’t, Apple takes a 30% cut of the selling price, the rest going to the developer(s). Not bad when you consider that 50:50 is a common split in other similar situations.

App Store will also let you know when updates are available automatically. It will be possible to download applications to your Mac and then sync these with your iPhone, iTouch or iPod via iTunes.

For more info visit the Apple site here