The World Waits (or so it seems)…

Of course, I’m talking about the 3G iPhone, which will be revealed next week, at least if all the speculation is to be believed. Then again, Steve Jobs is nothing if not unpredictable, so who knows we may only have an announcement about a future release and instead something completely different is pulled from the hat. I’m guessing though that with all the facts about the lack of 2G iPhones in the Apple Stores and Carphone Warehouse, along with the stuff about all leave being cancelled in June for AT & T staff, that we will indeed see the wraps of the new ‘must have’ gadget that everyone is drooling over before its even out in the wild.


Certainly, whatever the actual costs of owning the thing, it will probably be the most desirable gadget on the planet, at least for most people. In addition, it can only enhance Apple’s reputation both as a brand and as one of the very top technology companies with the best technology in its portfolio.



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